What different types of garage door are available?

For many people, choosing the perfect garage door can be trickier than it sounds. There are so many types available! What’s more, each type of garage door has its own advantages and disadvantages. As such, even savvy consumers sometimes need a little guidance to help them choose the right doors for them.Up and Over Garage Doors‘Up and over doors’ are very popular, as they are affordable, have a simple design and are easy to use. As their name suggests, they open upwards and outwards. When open, an ‘up and over door’ is stowed overhead in horizontal position, which helps keep it out of the way. However they still take up more room than some other types of garage door, which can make them unsuitable for very small garages. They are available in two varieties. When opened, canopy-style ‘up and over’ doors form a canopy that sticks out a little way from your garage (the canopy typically consists of one third of the door). In comparison, retractable ‘up and over’ doors retract completely into your garage when opened.Sectional Garage DoorsSectional garage doors are divided into horizontal panels that open and close by running along tracks. These tracks run horizontally overhead and curve to become vertical as they approach the garage doorway. When the panels of a door are positioned along the vertical section of the tracks, the garage door is closed. When they are tucked overhead along the horizontal section of the tracks, the door is open. Unlike ‘up and over’ garage doors, sectional doors don’t swing out as they open or close, which makes them a little tidier. They also require slightly less space. Most importantly, sectional garage doors are very secure. Once it’s fitted, there’s no point on a sectional garage door from which it can be forcibly prised open. According to The Garage Door Centre, the sectional garage door is one of the most secure garage doors on the UK market. Of course, you should note that these doors do tend to be slightly more expensive than less secure doors.Roller Shutter DoorsRoller shutter doors are the most space-efficient type of garage door available. Each door is made of individual panels that roll up around a central barrel (to open the door) or unroll (to close it). These types of doors are fairly secure. According to UK Roller Shutters, installing a roller shutter mechanism over an opening will help protect it from burglary and vandalism attempts.Side-Opening DoorsMost garage doors open vertically, but there are options available for consumers who prefer side-opening doors. ‘Round the corner’ doors open horizontally but in a similar manner to sectional doors, whereas side-hinged doors open more like ordinary house doors. Side-hinge doors can prove to be a hindrance for people who wish to park their car in their garage, however. Side-opening doors are primarily an aesthetic choice.With so many options availble, choosing the ideal garage door isn’t always easy… but it is always rewarding!