Must Have Tools For Your Garage

Whether you are an amateur or a pro, there are some essential tools that every garage owner must have in their arsenal. Hand tools, power tools, air tools, auto repair, electrical, storage and safety equipment are among some of those “must have” items. Having these items makes your job easier, cleaner and safer. Power ToolsThe great thing about power tools is that they make your life so much easier! You can accomplish tasks that would be difficult or impossible with ordinary hand tools. The cordless drill, circular saw and dremel tool are some items that come to mind.Hand ToolsEven with the popularity of power tools, there is something good about doing something with a good old fashioned hand tool. Socket sets, adjustable wrench, hammer, tape measure and pliers are all very “handy” tools to have.Auto Repair EquipmentIf you have a car, a floor jack is probably going to be your best friend. It not only saves you time, it also guarantees your safety. A jack stand and an oil drain pan are good complementary tools. You can also use a great car mover to make life even easierElectrical ToolsCar owners will also stand to benefit from a multimeter as well as an electrical test light. They are great for troubleshooting, but you need to be careful about how you use and read the manual thoroughly.Storage EquipmentWith all those tools lying about you need a safe place to keep them. A bench or closet should have a central place in your garage. Free standing shelving units are best, though since you can store lots of items with fewer space restrictions. A cabinet or chest drawer can store hand tools. You can also use storage bins for nuts and bolts, lightbulbs and fuses. If you have bikes, then a ceiling bike rack will come in handy for storage while leaving your floor space free.CleaningLast but not least, cleaning equipment should always be a part of your arsenal. Garage work can get quite messy so you would (hopefully) want to keep things clean. A pushbroom usually does the trick. If you want to get high tech then a shopvac might be ideal.