Designing a Garage Interior

Garages too often tend to become messy areas, overflowing with unwanted junk such as broken furniture and half-used paint cans. However, it’s possible to organise a garage in a way which uses available space to the maximum, while looking attractive. Where a car is being stored in a garage, the first step is to work out how much space is needed for the vehicle. Enough room also needs to be allocated for other major items such as lawnmowers.Measuring the walls and floor carefully is essential. A tape measure and a sheet of graph paper are the traditional way to do this, but an alternative is to use interior design software, making it easier to try out different ideas.Ready-made or DIY Storage SolutionsVertical or overhead shelving can help to make the most of the remaining space. Various garage storage products are available to buy, or alternatively a DIY solution can be created, built to fit the specific garage. This could also prove more cost-effective. Placing hooks under shelves will give room to store smaller tools neatly.A fresh coat of paint can help to give the garage a bright new look, while, if the flooring is getting old and battered, there are various options to improve it, making it more functional and easier to keep clean.