Repairing your Garage Door

Your garage is ideally meant to keep your car and other stuff safe from thieves and the elements, but occasionally garages come with their own problems. The garage door refuses to lock or won’t open. This makes it extremely vital that you keep the garage door in the best of conditions.Below are several ways of dealing with some of the more common garage door dilemmas.Sagging Garage DoorGarage doors, particularly the older wooden versions are vulnerable to the ravages of gravity and time. If a little saggy, square the door using tension rods usually located on the door’s back. This must be done a little at time so that the door adjusts gradually to the change. If yours didn’t come equipped with the tension rods, it’s possible to purchase them at any home depot or centre.Stiff Garage DoorSometimes, the cold weather could cause stiffening of the garage door opening mechanism making it to lose some power. The majority of doors made over the last fifteen years or so, have pressure adjustments meant for both lowering and raising. Ensure they are functioning optimally. In addition, check the door tracks and if there are serious damages, you may need to have the tracks replaced altogether.Garage Door won’t LockNearly all garage doors have double horizontal bars moving out from the door centre into slots along the door track, which effectively secures them in place. With the passage of time, these two bars could slightly shift out of position. To realign them, unscrew the door’s guide brackets so that they become a bit loose to move, and then correctly reposition them into their slots.ConclusionTo maintain the garage door in smooth operating condition for many decades, it’s essential that regular preventive maintenance and care is performed regularly. Preferably, a yearly tune –up of your garage door will ensure that it offers reliable, safe and quiet operation for many years.